Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ticketmaster send a message out with NJ TourDate! @OTownOfficial #otown2014

Laureen DeRosa received a message on the Ticketmaster App that O-Town will be performing

Location: Asbury Park, NJ
Date: November 6th. at 7pm

presale for live nation is tomorrow and regular on sale is Friday at 10am.

Let´s hope its true for our US/... Fans :) Thank you Laureen for the Information and Picture!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New TwitterProfilPic for @iamerikestrada - @OTownOfficial #otown2014

Erik changed his Twitter profil picture. We LIKE!

ERIK-MICHAEL ESTRADA @iamerikestrada 

"Whoa! My profile photo was a rubix cube? Y didn't someone tell me?? Oh yeah I forgot. I'm an oddball, n ya'll have just gotten used to it"


Monday, April 28, 2014

New Pictures of @Trevor_Penick and @JacobUnderwood7- @OTownOfficial #otown2014

Over the weekend we got 2 new pictures from Jacob and Trevor. Let´s start with poor Jacob :(
 Apr 26
Well, instead of birthday sex, I got jumped by 4 guys... Thanks east county!! :) I love my home! Good news: EC guys still hit like bitches.

 Apr 26
Black eye pics coming in the AM. But 4 on1 and I walk away w just a black eye?!? I'm disappointed east county... I expect more out of u...

 Apr 26
I guess guys don't like it when I sing to their girls... Lol

Oh ya.. I promised a pic.. Lol



"Rubber match today!!! Watching with my boy and roommate @erichjhover we better get this!! 

#webet #rivalry #eastvswest#bottleofvodkaontheline #goangels #sundayfunday "

2014.04.28 (1)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A shoutout to us Fanpages & you fans! And a comment fromTrevor :) #otown2014

After Jacob´s Birthday. Which ended with a BlackEye for him, after singing to someones Girl, btw ;) (We´re still waiting for those Pic you promised, Jake! ;p)

O-Town gave us and you guys a shoutout:
Shoutout Fanpages 2014.04.26

We have posted it yesterday on our Facebook Page and short after Trevor wrote us a comment :) Thank you, Trev!

Shoutout Fanpages 2014.04.26. (1)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. @JacobUnderwood7 - @OTownOfficial

We all came together for this special day of yours and Cassie and Jessi made this wonderful video.
Click here to watch the video

Jacob, it’s time to pop the champagne, make some noise, dish out some food, throw some confetti and burst some balloons.

Celebrate your Birthday, you deserve the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

(Video Credit to Jessi (JacobOtownFan & ErikMichaelsFan) and Cassie (DanMiller_Fans & Trevors_Fandom)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BehindTheScene Picture of video shooting! @OTownOfficial #otown2014

After we hit 200RT of OTowns last tweet, we got a "Behind The Scene" picture of their music video.
"So this was pretty fun!"


Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter with NEW picturesof @danmillerotown & @iamerikestrada @OTownOfficial

Happy Easter from us to you :) Here are 2 new pictures from Erik and Dan over the weekend :)
2014.04.19 (01)
"This is our "we're not tired or scared as sh*t after we just scaled a steep ass mountain side at 6 am" face.@danmillerotown #otown2014 #desertlyfe#imclearlydelusional "

2014.04.21 (01)


"The end to a remarkable #Easter weekend. #Gratitudeis the only word I can use to describe. So much still to uncover, glad you're coming along for the ride.#otown2014"

UPDATE:  Also Trevor posted a picture of himself with a friend. Only Jacob is now missing ;)


"After 47 days of no drinking here's our first drink,to be followed by many more... #wishmeluck #beenawhile #uhoh #longday#lent2014 @jtwokay "

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Article: Ryan Seacrest - "Why is Ashley Not A Part Of OTown?"

O-Town — the boy band that was made famous on MTV’s Making the Band — is back together … at least, almost all of them. Ashley Parker Angel has decided not to join the reboot, which includes Jacob UnderwoodErik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, and Trevor Penick.

Click here to have a listen

“It just didn’t seem like something that he was interested in from Day 1, a chapter that he really didn’t want to re-open for whatever reason,” Jacob tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “And the feedback from the fans shows that they’re excited that we’re at least moving on with four, and I think they’re going to be even more excited to hear the music that we’re coming out with.”

For all information on O-Town’s reunion and tour dates, click here!

Source: Ryan Seacrest

4 NEW Pictures on IG! @OTownOfficial

Our guys have been really busy these days... Again we got 4 new Pictures on their Instagram: Follow here
2014.04.17 (01) otownofficial

"Edge of the earth @jacobunderwood7 @otownofficial@trevorpenick24 @iamerikestrada @danmillerotown"

2014.04.17 (02)

"UFO! @iamerikestrada @trevorpenick24@jacobunderwood7 @otownofficial"

2014.04.17 (03)


"@danmillerotown and @iamerikestrada checking out our kicks @otownofficial"

2014.04.17 (04)

otownofficial"Super filtered selfie @otownofficial"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video for the German and UK Fans! Thank u, @OTownOfficial

After the Photoshootings pics here are 2 videos :)

First one is for the German Fans:

Please click here to watch it. Its on facebook so we can´t embed it to our webpage.

The second one is for the UK Fans:

Monday, April 14, 2014

IG Photoshooting with @OTownOfficial

A few hours ago Jacob tweeted:

"Got a few friends on their way to see me in SD... :p"

They have posted some wonderful pictures on their Instagram Account: OTownOfficial
2014.04.14 (1) otownofficial

"Photoshoot boots! @jacobunderwood7 @trevorpenick24@iamerikestrada @danmillerotown"

2014.04.14 (2)otownofficial

"All gray with some neon swooshes for pop!@danmillerotown @trevorpenick24 @iamerikestrada @jacobunderwood7"

2014.04.14 (3)otownofficial

"Cheezin! @jacobunderwood7 @iamerikestrada@danmillerotown @trevorpenick24"

2014.04.14 (4)otownofficial

"Uncle Jacob  @jacobunderwood7 @iamerikestrada@trevorpenick24 @danmillerotown"

We´re swooning here! We want moooore!

Update (April, 15th.): And yes we got more :) Click here to see 11 more pictures!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Supportacts for London!

O-Town announced their Support Acts for the London Gig, June 13th.

Tickets here:
1. Mr Meanor World

The R&B/Pop Group that sing, song write & dance. Jordan, Marcel, Rowan & Jake.

LA to London | Instagram: MrMeanorWorld YouTube: MrMeanorOfficial


"Who's coming to see us support @ot ? This will be our only London show so buy tickets now RT"

"Welcome to the UK show gentlemen, @M will be supporting us on June 13 in London, announcing another act tomorrow"

2. ROOM94

Hi we're ROOM 94. Buy our top 40 album No Strings Attached on iTunes now: iTunes ROOM94 Album | Follow us:   

London, UK | Facebook: ROOM94


"We are happy to announce we're playing in London on 13th June as special guests for @OTownOfficial , tix on sale now:"

"We would like to welcome @Room94 to the bill! See you guys in London on June 13" 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Official UK(London) TourDate! @OTownOfficial #otown2014 #OTownLiveUK

"UK: It's with excitement that we can announce that we will be BACK this Summer!!! Our first show in London for over a decade!

Come and hear all the hits and music from the new album for the first time!

13 June - London Under The Bridge

Tickets go on pre-sale tomorrow at 9am / General Sale Friday 9am

Make sure you check out:


#OTownLive2014 #OTownLondon "

Official Germany TourDates! @OTownOfficial #otown2014 #OTownLive2014

We will SO be there! Will we see you?! Where!?

GERMANY: We are proud to announce that we will be playing our first shows in over 10 years this summer on the following dates:

15 June - Mannheim, Alte Seilerei
17 June - Koln, Luxor
18 June - Berlin, Columbia Club

Tickets go on exclusive sale tomorrow at 9am here:


Monday, April 07, 2014

New #otowncountdown for UK/Germany Fans at noon (localtime)tomorrow! @OTownOfficial #otown2014

We´re beyond excited! 14 hours to go!

"UK/Germany we have some exciting news for you tomorrow...... and don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the rest of you around the world! Tag yourself if you are looking forward to this"


"Yes it's true! UK and Germany, tomorrow at noon local time for both we will be announcing something special!"

Friday, April 04, 2014

The meaning behind the NEW @OTownOfficial Logo! #otown2014

OTown´s Instagram Account ( ) got it´s first Picture!

It´s the new OTown Logo and the guys posted the meaning behind it!


"Otown's on Instagram straight flexin! This logo represents the four of us but it also represents all of you. Designed by Dan (with obvious input from the rest of the fellas), the "O" or rings is a symbol of our commitment to each other and the fans. Thank you for the love and support over the years. Cheers! @trevorpenick24 @danmillerotown @iamerikestrada @jacobunderwood7 #otown2014 "

Don´t miss to follow them on IG!

Ashley will always be a part of OTown! #otown2014 @OTownOfficial

Since so many people are upset and dissapointed that Ashley didnt join the Reunion.

OTown and Ashley had something to say:
"#TBT s/o to our brother @Parker Angel , we miss you but you will be a part of O-Town forever no matter what"


Ashley Parker Angel:
"Likewise!!! Love you guys RT @OTownOfficial #TBT we miss you but you will be a part of O-Town forever no matter what"

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Video Screenshots added! @OTownOfficial #otown2014

We have 13 goodies for you :)

Just click on the picture below. And don´t miss to like or comment ;)


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Thank you, tweets! @OTownOfficial

It wasnt only overwhelming for us for all the responds from you guys, but also for the guys:
Jacob Underwood ‏@JacobUnderwood7
"For all the love - we sincerely thank you. For all the haters - we sincerely need you :)"

Trevor Penick ‏@Trevor_Penick

"@iamerikestrada @JacobUnderwood7 @danmillerotown congratulations fellas I'm very proud and excited to take this next step in our journey!!!"

MasterPost: Online Article

After the BIG day for all of us, we didnt have the time to catch up every article.

But here we go...

If we missed an article, let us know and we´ll add it to the list :)