Friday, May 30, 2014

[Video] Why Ashley isn't in the band

O-Town had a short interview with MTV via Skype and answered some awesome questions like: Why isn't Ashley part of the reunion? Have a listen and tell us what you think! And read the full interview here too

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Thanks to Jessie from Jacob & Erik Fans 

Working with jackieboyz

"Great work with @OTownofficial @iamerikestrada@yaboychizzy a huge fan of this group did an amazing song #killer #smeezes @jackieboyz" 

"Soulful writing session w @jackieboyz @iamerikestrada@trevorpenick24 @jacobunderwood7 and Chizzy. (LaterRegram:@jackieboyz ) #otown2014 #otownalbum"

New Pages

Hello Townies,

we have added 2 new pages to the website.
The Tourdates and other Livedates will now be found under "Live Dates" in the menu obviously and we also have a new partner. is now officially cooperating with us. If you want to know anything concerning Ashley, click on "WWW - APA Daily". Support them as well.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Videoshoot Picture

"#tbt @trevorpenick24 and @jacobunderwood7 pose for an early a.m. pic at the #Skydive video shoot a few weeks ago.#otown2014 #otownalbum #skydive #skydive #skydive #skydive Pic:@iamerikestrada"

New TourDate: Boston, MA

-- BOSTON, MA --
"Paradise Rock Club"
967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

November 10th

Get your tickets >here<

NEW look & Album release! got a NEW look!

It looks pretty awesome, don´t you think?

O-Towns 3rd Album "Lines & Circles" will comes out on August 3rd

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MasterPost: Online Article for ´Skydive´

After the Song "Skydive" got out, Twitter, Facebook every social media seems only to have one thema, and we like it!

Here are some article for you:
- - "O-Town Break 10-Year Silence With ‘Skydive’: Hear It Now"
- - "O-Town Releases First New Song In Over a Decade -- Listen to "Skydive"

- - "You Are Seven Hours Away From Listening To A New O-Town Song"
- - "O-Town Mark Their Return With The New Power Ballad “Skydive
- - "O-Town Return With “Skydive”: Listen To The Boy Band’s Comeback Single"
- - "O-Town Releases First Single in 10 Years 'Skydive' - Listen Now!" - "O-Town Releases First New Single 'Skydive,' Announces Album Release Date"

- - "O-Town Drops Their First Single In 10 Years & It Is FANTASTIC! See What You've Been Missing Out On HERE!"

German: - "O-Town melden sich mit Skydive zurück"

- - "O-Town Returns With 'Skydive' Single, Sets August Album Release"
- - "O-Town releases first single in 10 years, but something's missing"

- USWeekly - "O-Town Releases "Skydive," Their First Single in 10 Years: Listen"

And we´re sure more will follow :)

Listen to Skydive

2 month before the official release date of "Skydive" we can now have you listen to it as well!

Also read the new MTVArticle about it

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Studio days aren´t too bad sometimes...

"Studio days aren't too bad for @iamerikestrada &@trevorpenick24 meeting with @jacobunderwood7 and @suhonen for a day time recording sesh. * @danmillerotown cut his vox yesterday :)#otown2014 #otownalbum #studio #beachplease"

Official Online Store!

O-Town launched their Official Onlineshop a few minutes ago:

(Click on the picture to get to the store)


Price:: 26 / 20£ / 33$

Prescreening, Work & Wedding Pictures!

Good morning Friends,
I´m sorry for posting the new pics a day later. But I needed a day off, from everything and went out with some friends :)

Meanwhile Trevor was on his cousins wedding:

"My cousins wedding!!! So fun love my family!!! #candid#mft2014ido #budweiser #cheers @jtwokay@extremediscjock79"

Jacob had a little prescreening with his family for the new O-Town music video:

"Watching draft 1 of the new @otownofficial music video w the fam :)"

Also Mark posted a new Picture of working with Jacob on the new tracks:

"Words wouldn't do justice how excited I am about the new @otownofficial track I wrote with these two guys! #otown #talentedfriends @jacobunderwood7@meliaandmygirls"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Work out & Studio work


"Gotta get #showready #otown2014 #eurOtown"

"Regram @suhonen been workin hard on this album!! Best work yet :) @otownofficial #otown2014 #hellya"

Friday, May 23, 2014

Promotion Poster for Mannheim

Finally we got a promotion poster for one of the shows in Germany.
What do you think about it?

Mannheim! Autograph Session!

The day after the Show in Mannheim (June, 16th) there will be an Autograph Session in "Media Markt".

We don´t have a time yet, but as soon as we get this Info, you will get to know it here.

Media Markt - Mannheim
Floßwörthstr. 65
68199 Mannheim

Busy week for O-Town

This week we got many, many new pictures of the guys in the studio.
Here are some more :)

"@iamerikestrada and his let's get this rehearsal finished cuz I'm HONGRY face!"
"Rehearsal with @danmillerotown & @trevorpenick24 #otown2014 #otownalbum #showready"
"@danmillerotown starting off vocals for this matinee session. #otown2014 #otownalbum"
"@trevorpenick24 grabbed the Official O-cam to capture@iamerikestrada doin werrrrk!! #otown2014 #otownalbum #studio" 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Studio Day for OTown!

A few hours ago, Erik tweeted:
"Studio Day! "
and just a few minutes ago, Trevor posted the evidence a new photo on his IG:

 "In the studio again today @iamerikestrada looking at more photos from our shoot... #hardatwork #album #recording#deepinthought #otown2014 @jacobunderwood7 @danmillerotown"
"... Meanwhile "Pool Party Trev" waits his turn. EM you up!#otown2014 #otownalbum #studio @trevorpenick24 @iamerikestrada"

"@iamerikestrada catches @danmillerotown catching@jacobunderwood7 catch a business text... #otown2014 #otownalbum#studio #townsfolk"

OKMagazine: New Single "Skydive" will be released on July 27th!

"O-Town Reveals Which Current Female Celebs They'd Sing About in the 2014 Version of "Liquid Dreams"

It’s a good day at the office when you get to talk to a 90′s boy band who you fan-girled over in seventh grade. So it was a GREAT day when Trevor, Erik, Jacob and Dan from O-Town chatted with me about their long-awaited return to music. And for all you people who have been fans since 2000 like I was, I think this interview covers all the bases. Of course we talked about their new song and what it’s like playing as a foursome without Ashley Parker Angel, but the guys also dished on Making the Band, their upcoming tour and said that they might be working on a 2014 version of their biggest hit, “Liquid Dreams!” OMG! Read all the juicy, exclusive details below! Fans know about the upcoming album and tour, but what else can you tell us?Erik Estrada: The single is called “Skydive” and we just filmed the video for it. It’s a different sound because it’s four of us and after listening to the records, all of the voices have matured and obviously we’ve stayed connected to what’s going on in music. And even though we’re older now, we try to stay as fresh and in tune with how music is evolving. We’ve tried to incorporate a lot of that contemporary feel into the new music without losing the essence of what made O-Town O-Town, which was great vocals and passionate performances. Ha! So back to the tour. Are you going to perform the old stuff at the shows?Jacob: Absolutely.Dan: It’s 80 percent of our show. We have a little bit over an hour to fill and  obviously people want to hear that old stuff so we’re trying to find ways to incorporate new stuff, old stuff and we love to do covers and were putting together a medley of covers. That’s like a staple of our show. Each one of us comes out and does a cover. This one’s an ensemble type of medley but we’re trying to fit the new stuff with some covers and all the old favorites. Amazing! So will there be choreographed dancing?Trevor: We cannot hide from what we are. That’s going to be in there. It’s not going to be every song because we do have  a lot of midtempos and ballads.Jacob: There won’t be any routines.Trevor: No matching outfits.Erik: There will be continuity but but we won’t be in shiny denim.

O-Town’s new single, “Skydive,” will be released on July 27! Check out more details on their tour and new music at What do you think of their reunion news? Will you catch them on tour? 
Read more about the Interview on

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

TourDate for Switzerland!

Switzerland are you there!??

We have a TourDate for you guys!

Saturday, June 14th

Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
Kofmehlweg 1
4503 Solothurn

Go and get your Ticket >here<

Thanks to OTownReunion for the hint.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jacobs niece loves dancing to new OTown music

Isn´t she adorable!?

"My niece Demi getting down to new O-Town music rockin the dreds like her uncle  "

(Click on the picture to get to the video page)

A little music session on IG

After our Tweet:

"In the middle of the night,I get this 'craving' for some new @OTownOfficial music;) ‪#‎DoMeTheFavor‬ ‪#‎otown2014‬"

Jacob uploaded a little music session on IG. Thank you, Jake!

"Trackin guitars & gettin funky w@christopherjamesoppold and @suhonen :)"

(Click on the picture to hear the funky music)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Again new Studio Pictures!

Again we got new recording photos :)
We really cant wait to hear the new songs! How excited are you?

"Currently recording what will be our 3rd studio album!!! Can't wait to share it with you all!!!"
"@jacobunderwood7 is hard at work laying down some live show tracks today down in #SD w @suhonen -- Although the fellas are in different cities today, they are all working together! #otown2014#otownalbum #otownrecording #otownlive #WeAreFour"
"Working w Mr. @suhonen again today! Wait till y'all hear this :) "

"@iamerikestrada is still going strong. Working on the fourth song in the five days. Ideas were exploding, so they set up a stu in the bedroom. Great vibe in here! @chasehattan #otown2014#otownrecording #otownalbum"