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Skydive live acoustic


"Skydive live acoustic by @otownofficial #skydive #otown"

Lines And Circles lyrics are finally here!

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We have finally! every single lyric of #LinesAndCircles for you!
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Worldwide Giveaway: Erik Michael Autograph!

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O-Town Interview: Pop Scoop! (Audio)

"Pop Scoop! caught up with O-Town's Trevor Penick recently for an in-depth chat via telephone. He spoke about the band's past successes, what they’ve been up to since splitting, how their long-awaited reunion came about, the musical style and sound of new album “Lines & Circles”, and the band members' collective joy at now being in full creative control of their own work."

Little Update about "MIXUnplugged with O-Town"

Mark the date! 

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    "We are planning our exclusive #MIXUNPLUGGED event with @OTownOfficial as we speak. Keep December 2nd open thanks @JacobUnderwood7"

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    "Hi @OTown fans.We will have more details on #MixUnplugged soon.For those of you who don't live in the area,we'll be streaming it"

    RT Mix949 @mix949 
    "#MixUnplugged with allow @OTownOfficial fans to live tweet w/us during the event & hear the guys play new and old songs acoustic."

We can´t wait for more informations!

Attention 12-Year-Old Version of Yourself: Boy Band O-Town Is Back!

O-Town just released their first single, "Skydive," from their newest album, Lines & Circles. The boy band we were all obsessed with as young tweens has grown up and produced a sound true to themselves, one that you will definitely be into. How could you not? It's O-Town, you guys! The quartet stopped by our LA studio to give us a very fresh preview of their latest hit."


O-Town is Back & Coming to St. Cloud for an Exclusive ‘Mix Unplugged’

I’ve been both a friend and a fan of this band since the very beginning.  O-Town was formed on the first season of the highly successful franchise ‘Making The Band.’  Their self titled debut album sold over two million copies and their biggest hit, ‘All Or Nothing,’ cracked the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Four of the five original members reunited for a new album and fall tour, which kicks off November 4th in NYC.
We had Jacob Underwood from O-Town on the Get Up & Go Show this morning to chat about the new album, ‘Lines & Circles,’ which came out last month on iTunes and the possibility of getting them to come to Central Minnesota for an exclusive unplugged event with Mix 94.9.

You can catch the guys (Jacob, Dan, Erik and Trevor) at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis on Tuesday, December 2nd.  Click HERE to purchase tickets and get more information on the show.  Keep listening to Mix 94.9 to hear their new single, ‘Chasin’ After You,’ and for details on our exclusive unplugged event.  It will be O-Town like you’ve never heard them before. Complete with live tweeting and an audience Q&A.

To listen about the Interview between Jacob and mix949 please click here.


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TheDigitalFix: "O-Town: Lines & Circles track-by-track"

Having formed on ABC reality show Making The Band and going on to sell three million albums during a four-year career, man band O-Town announced their reunion earlier this year with comeback track 'Skydive', their first new material since 2002 album O2

Last week saw the release of their new album Lines & Circles, and we got Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada and Dan Miller together to give us an exclusive track-by-track of it. 

Jacob: This song is special to me. Phillip LaRue, Mark Suhonen and I had a few days to write together in San Diego and came up with some really fun songs. After a slew of ballads we are finally releasing our first uptempo dance track! We wanted to create a stripped down track that reminded us of old Michael against a soft falsetto. Phillip whipped out a few great hook lines we started working out while Mark started on the beat and within 40 minutes the song was created. It was special. 

Jacob: This song was special because it’s what started the journey for us. We struggled to find a song we all agreed on and started getting discouraged. A friend of mine in San Diego, Mark Suhonen, went in his studio and laid down the track and it became something dramatic enough to find its way to being our first release in over 10 years. And now, it’s now a challenge to our fans. Our comeback has been fuelled by the now powerful team of self-titled “Skydivers” who are all taking this leap of faith with us. 

Jacob: This is another song started by Phillip, Mark, and myself that Erik and Trevor later wrote their verses to. It’s not common for a pop band to put out songs that last four and a half minutes, but we didn’t want to cut anything out. The track is powerful and massive paired with a soft falsetto that creates a very eerie mood. Good luck getting this one out of your head. [laughs] 

Trevor: This song is definitely one of my favourites as it is our song on this album that throws us back into the traditional pop melody with great energy... Written by Jacob, he did an amazing job with producer Mark Suhonen and Tyler Cain in creating this catchy summer pop song and we all love performing it live because of how fun it is! 

Trevor: This was the first song we recorded for Lines & Circles. As soon as we all heard it we all knew this was a beautiful song that we would love to sing. It has such great emotion in it and Chizzy our producer, and C minor were amazing to work with. It has been a fan favourite so far and already has people covering it online. 'I Won't Lose' fits great with O-Town and were very happy we got to sing it... 

Erik-Michael: Sometimes you just have to let you're hair down and have fun. 'Right Kind Of Wrong' can help you with that. Everyone takes the good with the bad in a relationship, hey nobody's perfect, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time. Even if it is kind of wrong. 

Dan: 'Buried Alive', with only guitars and vocals, is the most stripped-down song O-Town has ever had on an album. The band fell in love with the lyrics and melody of the song but some members of our inner circle were not initially sold. We stood our ground and once we put our vocals on the song, it was undeniable. 

Trevor: This song is our only song that is a traditional big ballad that were known for. We first heard raw with just piano and immediately loved it. This song definitely has very powerful performances and has that power ballad feel we love. 

Erik-Michael: A congressional group ballad of the purist form, leaning to more of the group's original sound. The four powerful voices focus on the point in a relationship when one realises they've given everything to loving someone, yet still seeming to fall short. 

Erik-Michael: "Soaring", "progressive", "visual", all adjectives that have been used to describe the album's title track. Taking an introspective approach, the song allows the listener to create his or her own personal story. However at its core, it's truly a metaphor about the simplicity of life; that no matter how complicated things might become "in the end... We're [all] just lines and circles." 

Lines & Circles is out now and is available on iTunes


Zumic Interview: ´O-Town Talk 2014 Comeback Record & Pursuing Their Own Artistic Dreams´

O-Town, the original stars of ABC’s Making The Band, are making a comeback. The boy band have just released Lines & Circles, their first new LP since 2002′s O2. We had a chance to catch up with them recently and talk about their rejuvenated career. Check out our full chat below.
Zumic: You just released “Skydive,” your first single in 11 years. Can you take us through the recording process and how the reception has been?
Jacob: This process has been the most fun we’ve had together in a long time, and the fans are the biggest part of that. We were welcomed by fans at the airport throughout Europe, and they’ve been showing up with pics we’ve taken together over a decade ago. Bottom line is, we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t fun, and it’s been incredible so far.
Other than the absence of Ashley Parker Angel, what is different about O-Town today, from O-Town in the early 2000s?
Trevor: It’s been different, but it’s been awesome… The main difference between O-Town then and now is that we are doing everything. We don’t have a major record label telling us what to sing and what the album artwork is going to look like. We are actually doing all that stuff within the band. O-Town has its fingerprints all over this process — from songwriting, to managing, to design, to the live show — we are the ones in control of it all. It’s amazing, ’cause we’re actually getting to express ourselves as artists and not just singers.
How does the modern day pop star compare to the pop icons when you guys first came together?
Trevor: I believe the biggest difference between pop stars then and now is the how the industry has been changed by recent technology. Social media has changed everything in a good way. It’s a lot easier to interact with your fans and hear their opinions immediately, which I think is awesome for not only the fan, but the artist as well.
You guys have all recorded and performed independently over the last decade. Do you have any regrets about the split?
Jacob: We never knew it would be so long of a break at the time, and once we started on our individual paths it became harder and harder to get back together. I think we all agree that break was necessary to bring us to the point we’re at today. Getting degrees in business and graphic design, and the experience of living in Nashville and branching out into new avenues has allowed us to take the lead on this project and create the O-Town that we always wanted it to be.
Did any of you have non-music related jobs before Making The Band?
Jacob: I worked at Taylor Guitars building acoustics for a little while before O-Town. And after, I built hand-made custom microphones for Korby Audio, restored 68 – 82 Stingray Corvettes, did construction with my family, and pretty much everything else you’re supposed to learn as a well-rounded man that we kinda missed out on as a child chasing music.
Ikaika Kahoano turned down a spot to be in O-Town to go to medical school. He went on to perform in the less successful LMNT. Have any of you guys spoken to him since? Do you think he regrets that decision?
EM: I believe we might have run in to him once in NY, possibly during the LMNT times. But no, I know I never reconnected with him. He doesn’t seem like the type that would regret a decision. Hope he doesn’t. When Ikaika quit, it motivated us even more to win. That’s when we called Dan. And it was shortly after that when we signed with J Records. Truth is, it’s hard to say we would have been as successful if he didn’t quit. Can you imagine “All or Nothing” without Dan’s voice opening up the first verse? If I were to see him now, I’d have to thank him.
Your album Lines & Circles came out on August 24th. What can fans expect to hear on this album?
Jacob: This is the first true “O-Town” album. That looming question we’ve had of what we could accomplish if we had a label trust us and empower us to create the music, and be the artists we want to be is about to finally be answered. I believe this to be our best work to date.
 If you were to create a dream song with anybody from history, who would be produce it, who would be featuring on it, and which venue would you choose to perform it at?
Jacob: Hmm, good one… I’d have to say it’s always been a dream of mine to be on stage with Michael Jackson. In a perfect world, I would sing opposite Michael on the song “Bad” and sing the duet part Prince was meant to do originally. At Madison Square Garden.
What’s coming up for O-Town in the future?
EM: We have the new single “Chasin After You” going out to radio after Labor Day. Album out on the 24th of August. Live shows in November and December. 2015 is still under construction. Speaking of 2015… it’s friggin 2015, we are officially catching up with every Sci-Fi movie written.
Before I let you go, I feel obligated to ask something I’ve always wondered. What exactly is “Liquid Dreams” about?
EM: Nocturnal emissions
Lines & Circles is out now. Purchase it through Amazon.


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Starry Mag: "O-Town – Lines and Circles"

Q) What has connected all of you throughout the years that now you’ve come together for a reunion?
Dan: Our first experience with “Making The Band” and touring those first few years, we really have a bond that not many people could understand. I think the four of us and Ashley [Parker Angel] are probably the only ones who are ever going to understand what we went through and how everything went down. I think that’s going to tie us together, no matter what we do, for the rest of our lives.
Q) What made now the right time to reunite since we had been hearing rumors for some time?
Jacob: I think I’m to blame for those rumors because I had a meeting with a friend about a solo project and he asked what O-Town was doing. It hadn’t dawned on us for years. I sent out a text and it spawned a lot bigger reaction than I ever would have thought! So, it kind of got us into real talks where we thought maybe we should actually do this. It did take about two or three years for Dan and I to finish our degrees. Dan had a son and I had a Nashville. So, us moving to the same state had a lot to do with it and finding the right team of people around us was the biggest part. Once we had the right team, we started moving forward.
Q) Were these new songs ones you had for a while or did they come about once you had been reunited?
Dan: Everything happened organically. Everything came together really quickly. Initially, our idea was to only do one song and see how it went. The reaction to “Skydive” was so well received that we decided to put everything together and do a whole album. Everything came together in a matter of months, but we’re really happy with the end product.
Q) Which song has the most meaning to you and why?
Erik: For me, it’s “Skydive” because it really triggered everything.
Jacob: Oddly enough, the last song we recorded for the album and my favorite off the album is “Rewind.”  How it came about, how each one of us are showcased on it, how aggressive it sounds as a song…There are a lot of classic songs on the album and this one just has a very contemporary feel. It really showed me where this band could go in the years to come, even after Lines and Circles is over.
Q) Since your sound has matured, has your inspiration for your lyrics and music changed as well?
Jacob: I think what’s always been best about this band is that our lyrics are so different. We grew up so different. We’re all talented in our own right and we all have our own specific skill set. We were able to build on that and make an album that highlights each one of us.
Q) What can fans expect from a live O-Town show?
Trevor: Obviously, it’s been twelve years since we have been on stage together. That alone is exciting. We’ve always loved our live shows. We hope people come to our live shows and judge us on that because we love putting on a live show. The energy is something we love to give and get. We do some old stuff, the hits. We do a lot of the new songs, which is very exciting! It’s completely different than the shows we did in Germany because the new music was so fun to give to the fans. Hopefully, come November, they will have been listening to it for a couple of months and singing it back to us. There are some surprises. We do some joking on stage. It’s a fun show. We like to entertain so it is more than just a concert.
Q) How have you all been preparing to tour?
Jacob: Getting back together was just like the first time. We had ten years apart to experience life separately and go on our own musical paths. Getting back together, we’re able to express that and really feed off of what each other has learned in the process. Getting back on stage, I want to say it felt like old times (like Erik said), but doing the new stuff was a new brand. I felt like we could take this somewhere we have never gone before, especially with something up-tempo and the way we have interacted with our fans has evolved a lot.
Q) Are there any contests you have coming up for the tour or album?
Jacob: We have talked about lining up a base because our first song is “Skydive,” but I’m terrified of heights. We’re still discussing it, but we are kind of taking our time because some of us are scared of heights. We want to line up an event to go skydiving with our fans, but we’ll see if we can actually pull it off.
Q) With Dan having a new son, how is it going to be touring and balancing your family lives?
Dan: I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t know what it will be like. We just have to get into it and see how everything goes. I’m nervous about it, but I know everything will work out.
Jacob: We have made agreements with each other because we used to do 315+ shows a year. We’ve agreed to only tour two weeks a month and be able to manage life with family and with O-Town.
Q) Since you’re time with “Making The Band,” social media has become quite popular and a large part of promoting music, TV and movies. How has your experience been with social media and using it to promote your music now that you are back?
Erik: Social media is the backbone of allowing us to come back. Obviously, we tweeted “O-Town?” and all of a sudden all these rumors started spreading all over the place. Social media, essentially, is the spark to the flame that got us to this point. We have just tried to embrace it and utilize it to the best of our ability. When we first started this project, we were on “Making The Band,” and it gave everyone a personal view of us. We don’t have that show anymore so the only way for them to connect with us on any level is through social media.
Q) How has it been getting a whole new audience to open up to you and become new fans of O-Town?
Trevor: That’s always the most exciting thing, getting new fans and having people say, “We didn’t listen to you back then, but we love your new music!” Having people tweet us and say that they are new fans of O-Town or that they have gotten their husband to listen to our music, that’s what we do it for! That’s what we love! It’s the most exciting thing to get new fans and performing and making the new fans happy.
Q) Is there anything else you would like to share with fans about your new music and the tour?
Jacob: I think the main thing we want to relay to them is that the only reason we’re out there doing what we’re doing now is because of the support they gave us. If anything, we want to let them know we are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to do this again.

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Audio Interview with Jacob!

"All Or Nothing O-Town Reunion 2014 Exclusive Interview Jacob Underwood" - Alex Belfield /

"O-Town is an American boy band formed from the first season of the MTV-produced reality television series Making The Band in 2000. Their biggest hit 'All Or Nothing' has had nearly 6 million hits on YouTube.

In September 2014 the boys release their brand new album 'Lines & Circles'.

O-Town's new single 'Chasing After You' is available now on Sound Cloud.

The group was originally managed by Lou Pearlman during their first season of Making the Band, but later managed by Mike Morin for their debut album and remaining television seasons.

The original members of the band were Jacob Underwood, Ashley Parker Angel, Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, and Ikaika Kahoano. Kahoano left the band several weeks after the band was formed and was replaced by Dan Miller. Estrada and Miller acted as the lead singers.

Enjoy 100's of Exclusive interviews and reviews with Alex Belfield at"

Labor Party Day for O-Town

"Laboring. #lakebutler #tubing #laborday"

"Labor Day! Are you blasting #LinesandCircles at your party? And can someone find Pool Party Trev (@trevorpenick24 ) and stick him in this pic , lol?? #laborday #otown2014 @otownofficial #linesandcircles"