Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update: Lunch meeting with @Trevor_Penick & @iamerikestradabrainstorming #OTown2014 @OTownOfficial

Not only Jacob can post pictures ;) Trevor found his mobile and send us a great lookin Pic of Erik :)

"Lunch meeting with my boy @iamerikestrada#coffeebeanisouroffice #brainstorming #otown2014"


And now we know what Erik was doing on his mobile ;)

"#hashtaging @trevorpenick24"
 2014.02.27 (1)

Update 2.0: New Tattoo for @JacobUnderwood7

A new tattoo for Jacob :)

"More work... @horhay46 p"



"My one true love :)"

2014.02.27 (2)


"The Our Father on my wrist Dedicated to my grandma who passed this year and my forever faith :)"

2014.02.27 (3)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The first fewtunes! @OTownOffcial @JacobUnderwood7 @danmillerotown @Trevor_Penick @iamerikestrada

After the next teaser picture of Jacob, in the Studio. I wrote him this:

"stop teasing us with pictures mister :p we want to hear a few tunes! ;) @JacobUnderwood7"

and after a few minutes he posted a short video on Instagram. I can´t get the tunes out of head!

It´s really freakin awesome!

Click on the picture to hear the beautifully notes...

2014.02.21 (2)

You want to see moreof #OTown2014 ? @OTownOfficial @JacobUnderwood7 @danmillerotown @Trevor_Penick @iamerikestrada

2014 will be an awesome year! If you like to see more of O-Town, than go and share their new group picture on facebook :)

"Share this on your page if you want to see more of this!!! #OTown2014 "


Just click on the picture to share it :)

He loves it to tease us! NewStudioPicture! @JacobUnderwood7 @OTownOfficial

It seems like Jacob loves it to tease us! He posted again a new Studio Picture!

"Day 2 in the studio building this track! Just a few more parts and we'll be ready for vocals :) @suhonen"



"Cutting guitars today!! :p"

2014.02.26 1

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This track is gonna kick ass :) @JacobUnderwood7 @OTownOfficial

Jacob teased us again... It´s not fair, Mister Underwood! ;)
2014.02.21 (2)

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Video: "Mama I´m Coming Home" - by @JacobUnderwood7 - @OTownOfficial

Jacob Underwood - "Mama I´m Coming Home" (MyerzPourHouse, ElCajon 02/21/14).

Such a beautiful song.


Just click on the photo below to see some more screencaps.

2014.02.21 (1)

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FanPics of @JacobUnderwood7 SoloGig (02/21/14) - @OTownOfficial

Last friday was Jacob´s SoloGig in MyerzPourHouse, ElCajon

He posted some FanPictures. We´re soooo jealous! ;)

JacobUnderwood-02.21. (1)jpg

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Go and watch @JacobUnderwood7 LIVE! @MyerzPourHouse

Go and watch Jacob´s playing a 2 hour Solo Gig!

We wish we could go! Hopefully some of you guys, will be able to do it. Take pictures and videos for us :D

Jacob SoloGig

+++ Myerz PourHouse, 1678 Greenfield Dr.El Cajon, California 92021 +++

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back at work! @OTownOfficial @JacobUnderwood7 we can´t wait for a sneakpeek! ;)

Seems like our guys are back in the studio again ;)

We can´t wait for sneak peek!!


"Just a Saturday in the studio.... Go @JacobUnderwood7 "

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What are @Trevor_Penick & @iamerikestradawatching!?- @OTownOfficial @JacobUnderwood7 @danmillerotown

Trevor posted a short video of Erik watching the "O-Town 2 DVD".

"What up @iamerikestrada ?? Whatcha watching?? @OTownOfficial @TrevorsFandom #otown2014 "

Trevor filming Erik

Click on the picture to watch the video.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Between sessions, workinghard... @JacobUnderwood7 @iamerikestrada @Trevor_Penick - @OTownOfficial

Jacob tweeted an awesome picture of himself together with Erik and Trevor. Only Dan is missing!


"Between sessions, working hard"

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Someone is working... @JacobUnderwood7 with @iamerikestrada- @OTownOfficial

Just 2 hours ago, Jacob posted 2 very interesting photos.

We can´t wait to hear the end-product!

"Doe re me! :p"






"Meanwhile back in the studio... (re: @jacobunderwood7 )"


Isn´t it a lovely view? ;)

-- Update: 02/11/14 - Update Status.
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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Getting photo shoot ready... @Trevor_Penick @OTownOfficial

Trevor send a sweaty picture to one of our Twitter Friends :)

He´s good lookin or? We can´t wait for the photoshoot!


Trevor Penick

"@TrevorsFandom here you go!! Getting photo shoot ready... #otown2014"

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Monday, February 03, 2014

SuperBowl Picture with @JacobUnderwood7 - @OTownOfficial

A few hours ago, Jacob posted a picture with his nephew Micah and Moses.

"Ready for the game!!"

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